The FINE & DANDY MARKET showcases the work of independent artists, designers, illustrators, craftsmen and food producers

A monthly market, (usually) held on the last Sunday of the month.

There will be a number of additional Events throughout the year and details of these can be found on our website


The Queens/Botanic Quarter has always been the bohemian heart of Belfast and it now has its own Market Place, a platform for designer-makers to sell direct to their customers


Elmwood Mews



Elmwood Hall is a former Presbyterian Church, on University Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It is situated opposite Queen's University Belfast. The Hall was built in 1860-2 and is a mixture of styles, principally Italianate with a spire on top of a campanile. It was designed by John Corry but not actually erected until 1872

The Elmwood Hall is a flat-floored, open space with balcony seating and can be used as plenary, break-out or exhibition space.